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Business & Corporate/Commercial Services

As a business owner you understand all the nuances of your core business – your customers, your competition, your market and your product or service. At Branton Law, we’re good at providing the necessary details that protect you and your business: the pitfalls that may lay in a lease agreement or franchise agreement, how to deal with employee issues, or how to manage the due diligence process involved in your business purchase.

We excel at providing the advice and counsel that helps protect you and your business and allows your enterprise to flourish.  Branton Law is a full-service operation dedicated to making your business run like clockwork.  
Just some of our areas of expertise:

    •    Business sales and purchases (asset and share transactions)
    •    Contracts
    •    Leases
    •    Commercial real estate transactions
    •    Franchise Agreements

We assist our corporate clients with a complete range of legal services, from simple articles of incorporation to complex corporate restructuring, providing the consultation you need, when you need it.  We will partner with your financial advisors, accountants and tax specialists in a coordinated effort among your trusted advisers to provide the most comprehensive planning for your business.  When necessary, we will also work closely with a network of specialized lawyers who can provide us with additional resources.  Our clients think of us as an integral part of their team.
    •    Articles of Incorporation
    •    Reorganizations
    •    Shareholder Agreements
    •    Share transactions
    •    Maintain minute books
    •    Annual resolutions​

Professional Corporations
Professional Corporations are a different breed entirely and establishing one has its own unique set of rules, permissions and legalities.  Not only does an Ontario Professional Corporation have to comply with the Business Corporations Act (Ontario), RSO 1990, c.B16, but also with the College or governing body of your profession.  Branton Law has extensive experience navigating these waters.  Over the years we’ve dealt with the Law Society of Ontario, and virtually all the colleges associated with dental, health and Para health professions from doctors and surgeons to dentists, RMTs, and physiotherapists.  

Having Branton Law complete all the various application materials on your behalf means you have a single point of contact throughout the process.  

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