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Wills, Estate Planning & Administration

Branton Law offers assistance in planning for the passing of your estate, including business succession. Branton Law’s consultative approach to creating an estate plan and preparing your Will is more than simply putting instructions to paper. When meeting with clients we seek to understand your main objective, we review assets, insurance, liabilities, and provide advice on what can be done today, to plan for the reality down the road.  When the myriad of details is concluded, we will aim to have your plans structured appropriately so that, ultimately, your estate is administered without complication. During the consulting process, where necessary, we also consult with your accounting, tax and financial advisors. 
We help to prepare a range of estate planning documents that may include:

  • Primary Wills (Personal)

  • Secondary Wills (Corporate)

  • Powers of Attorney for care

  • Powers of Attorney for property

  • Establishing Trusts (including family and testamentary trust)

Whether or not Branton Law prepared a particular will and estate plan, we can provide guidance and counsel on the final administration of that estate when that time comes.  We will work with the Executor/Estate Trustee of an estate, completing all required paperwork and provide comprehensive advice and assistance on the many tasks which must be completed following a death.  This includes an in-depth review of the deceased’s assets, as well as an analysis for determining any Estate Administration Tax, if applicable.  Complexities can be manifold during this process and unique circumstances need to be navigated with sound legal advice to avoid estate litigation.
We also provide legal services in the circumstance where the deceased has not left behind a valid will.

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